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high quality, reliable treatment couches to suit every budget

Plinth 2000 have over 40 years continuous experience in the market and offer:

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Just 7 Day delivery time
  • 16 years plus product lifespan
  • Finance, hire and leasing available
  • Highest quality and reliability
  • No quibble lifetime guarantee on frame
  • Unconditional 5 year guarantee on all components
  • Full 2 man delivery service to point of use
  • Fully trained and experienced staff

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'I was treating a patient the other day and she passed a complimentary remark about my plinth2000 couch. 

She was a fellow therapist so we talked a bit about couches for a while. She said she used to own a locally made couch and had it maintained by them, but they'd gone out of business and now it was unusable because of lack of spares.

This got me thinking. Should I be maintaining my good old 503?

So I dug out my Instruction Manual and was surprised it was as long ago as 2004 when I first got it. It's frame is dusted once a fortnight and I gave the castors some silicon spray-on lubricant I think last year.

Other than that it gets pretty well ignored.

It's in perfect working order. It works beautifully, it's smooth in operation. Sometimes it sighs gently as it is lowered, usually in the hot weather, mostly it is completely silent.

Here are some statistics I've just unearthed about it's life in my treatment room:

(It has to be moved out into the middle of the room for each treatment and then back again after each treament)

Original cost in 2004 - £705 inc VAT.

Total treatments I've used this plinth for - just over 1200  - distance it's been pushed around the room - just over a mile.

Thanks for a brilliant product. As I said, it is ununsung hero.'

Mr Demmon


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